dob 12/02/2005

With her red-ringed eyes, white face and lateral horns, Wind Whisper is a pasture stand-out. She’s tall and physically correct with a pedigree that combines Ace and FM Graves breeding. She's given us three heifers
in a row -- RVR Bandita Rose, RVR Wynona Rose sired by a Little Ace Swamp Guinea son, and a 2012 heifer sired by Sir Lancelot, a Wrangler Chex son.
Wiind Whisper RV24
Spanish Desperado
Desperado's Santa Fe Ace's Dayton Desperado
Ace's Betty Butler
Jackie Lynn 16 Ace's Spanish Cowboy
MF Little White Horn
Windmill Butler RK38
Monarch's Request FM700 Monarch 103
Classic Gem FM225
Folsom Butler Bell BW23 Windwalker FM50
Folsom Dianne BW 224
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