dob 03/20/2004

Sadie Butler has been a great producer for us, giving us 5 heifers so far. Sadie's heifer by Little Ace Sambo, Sadie Rose, was one of our flashiest 2008 heifers. Others include Sangria Rose, and 2 sired by RVR Mr. Lucky -- Stella Rose in 2010, and Sienna Rose in 2013. Sadie sells with a bull calf sired by RVR Mr.Lucky, our Farlap Chex son, and will be exposed to RVR Handsome Jack as of 9/18/2014.
Sadie Butler RK92
Tom Horn
Coach Don Juan of Christine
Miss Redmac 256
Ace's Dixie Danielle Dixie Hunter
Danielle 08
Double Butler RK18
VJ Nitro Express Little OT
VJ Blue Patsy
VJ Sadie No Double
OT Blue Iodine
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