dob 09/08/2013

MS Rockin Silvia is second generation breeding for the Potts/Rosenberger partnership. Silvia's sire, RVR Silvio, is a Little Ace Swamp Guinea grandson from the Rosenbergers, and her dam is a partnership producer out of the Potts herd sire, Wrangler Chex 535, a VJ Tommie son, and Rox Ann Butler, a nice Tom Horn daughter. Rockin Silvia represents the type of Butler heifer this partnership set out to produce.

Denim Desperado Roan Denim FM102
Little Ace Swamp Guinea
RVR Pal Zoey Rose Dark Star Chex
BH Henry's Reflection
Wrangler Chex 535 VJ Tommie
Love County Queen BL
Rox Ann Butler RK3 Tom Horn
Mona Dode RK66
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