dob 04/25/2010

77+" TTT - Co-owned with Rocking P Longhorns
RVR Handsome Jack's pedigree combines Concho 24 with the K Trina Graves line that was the heart of Robert King breeding. With gorgeous coloring, good conformation and awesome genetics, Handsome Jack's exciting horn growth completes this package. Check out the Handsome Jack calves out of these foundation breeders -- RVR Contessa Rose, RVR Miss Scarlett Rose, RVR Fancy Rose, RVR Brenda Rose, and RVR Maggie Rose.
RVR Handsome Jack
VJ Nestor VJ Tommie
VJ Curly's Girl
Jackie Lynn 171 Shenandoah Nick
Jackie Lynn 2660
Tom Horn Coach
Ace's Dixie Danielle
K Trina Graves K El Presidente 500
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6
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